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Under the influence of many factors such as the cooling of overseas inflation expectations, the precious metals represented by the price of rhodium in india have fluctuated continuously for more than a month. In stark contrast to gold and silver, there is a precious metal that has recently hit a record high. Transaction data show that as of September 17, the domestic rhodium price was 3669.5 yuan/g, and the cumulative increase since this month has exceeded 15%. This week, the highest rhodium price hit 3677.5 yuan/g, a new high since the statistical caliber (2002 to present). Back to September 19, 2016, four years ago, the price of rhodium was only 173 yuan/g-the metal has increased by at least 21 times in four years. With the continuous increase of new regulations on automobile emission reduction in various countries, the price of rhodium has soared since the beginning of this year. The cumulative annual increase has exceeded 130%. Statistics show that the increase is about 8 times the price of gold and 11 times that of palladium. According to Wind data, as of press time, the domestic price of rhodium is 3516.5 yuan/gram, a cumulative monthly increase of over 12%. Wind data shows that as of September 24, the domestic rhodium price was 3562.5 yuan/gram, which has risen by more than 130% this year. And back to September 19, 2016, four years ago, rhodium price per ounce The price is only 173 yuan per gram, which is a full 20-fold increase in 4 years. Rhodium is a platinum group metal, which is mainly used in catalytic converters for automobile exhaust treatment, especially for its incomparable effect on reducing the nitrogen oxide content of automobile exhaust. According to data from CPM Group, the price of rhodium per gram in India passenger car car catalyst contains 1.5 to 2.5 grams of platinum group metals, of which about one-third is rhodium. From the perspective of supply, the world’s largest precious metals service India provider Heraeus Precious Metals released a forecast report in early September that stated that and rhodium price in mumbai, rhodium production is concentrated in South Africa (accounting for 81% of global production), and South Africa is the epidemic The most serious mining area. It is expected that the rhodium market will remain in short supply this year. The Capital Markets Department of the Bank of India speculates that due to the interruption of mining in South Africa,

it may lead to a 20% drop in rhodium mining this year. From the demand side, rhodium is mainly used to reduce harmful gases in automobile exhaust, especially nitrogen oxides. This use has been extremely important in recent years. In the international market, bets on a weak U.S. dollar, huge government stimulus plans, and the pandemic have severely hit the economy, boosting demand for commodities that are safe-haven assets. At the same time, although the rise of gold, silver and palladium showed signs of the end of the war, the price of rhodium in India, the price of rhodium hit a new high of $14,500 per ounce last week. In recent years, countries all over the world have raised their vehicle exhaust emission standards. After my country promulgated the "Six National Standards",

it is required to reduce the emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and nitrous oxide, and the average rhodium content of each vehicle has increased by 30%. At the same time, 1kg rhodium price in india Europe introduced the "Euro 6" emission standard, which requires that carbon dioxide emissions be reduced by 55% from 1990 levels, instead of the previously planned reduction of 40%. In addition, India introduced the "Bharat 6" emission standard, and the United States further tightened emission regulations. Due to the increase in the catalyst load of gasoline vehicles worldwide, the demand for rhodium has increased sharply. According to a Bloomberg report, India's Implats   group public relations director Johan Theron (Johan   Theron) said that since the exposure of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the importance of rhodium has become increasingly prominent because it can be used in gasoline vehicles. Or diesel vehicles to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. Increasingly stringent emission standards have also caused rhodium prices to continue to rise. Paul Dunne, CEO of Northam Platinum, said, “Five years ago, each car contained about 0.3 grams of rhodium. It is expected that the amount of rhodium per car will increase by 50% in the next five years.

. Analysts such as CPM Group’s Rohit Savant and Heraeus Precious Metals North America CEO Uve Kupka believe that the tight market and lack of substitutes mean that rhodium prices will continue to rise. This will leave automakers no choice but to pay a higher price for the metal, because the European Union, China and other countries have strengthened regulations and systems for reducing emissions. The demand for rhodium this year is expected to be 55,000 ounces higher than the demand, higher than the 20,000 ounces in 2019. rhodium 271 price in india. The "National Sixth Emission Standard" will be fully implemented from July 1, 2020, which is expected to greatly boost platinum group metals, the key material for automotive exhaust catalysts. The consumption of platinum group metals will continue to increase in the next three years, and it is estimated that the consumption of rhodium in bicycles will achieve a compound growth of 50%. The Everbright Securities Research Report believes that with the implementation of the "National VI" standard, the catalyst loading of gasoline vehicle exhaust will also increase significantly, rhodium price per ounce It is estimated that the amount of rhodium will increase by 50% to 100%. The amount of rhodium in 2020 will be 8.03 tons, and the amount in 2021 will be 8.51 tons.