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As a precious metal recycling company integrating all-round services, we provide basic metals to smelters across the country and end users around the world for them to transform them into new products to serve the society. In short, scrap metal refinery near me, we ensure that your excess materials will not be wasted, while maximizing your profits. A leading scrap metal and electronic scrap recycler, environmentally friendly processing and recycling of all basic and metal. We purchase, process and reintegrate all recyclable metals. We are a family owned and operated business, and we maintain a zero landfill policy to effectively use natural resources and help save energy. The prospects for the recycling of scrap metal are promising, and Shun Erz is the leader in this field with advanced technology. We look forward to the future that Shun Erz will continue to create greater value in the field of scrap metal recycling. Some companies choose to focus on narrow areas of products and services, while other metal recycling and refining companies, such as the New York Metal Recycling and Refining Company, have found that diversification is the key to success. From the beginning of trading in scrap metal, gold, silver and coins in 1867, to today’s various manufacturing and refining departments, the company has often used opportunities to expand its scope of services. Metal Recycling and Refining Company is one of the most important international players in the field of refinery recycling. It has four refineries in the United States and factories in Tokyo and Singapore to process various scrap metal-containing scraps from electronics, mining and other industries. Secondary refining, jewelry and art, dentistry, photography and electroplating.

Recently, the Near Scrap Metal Recycling and Refining Company department has begun to provide disassembly and assembly services for computers and other electronic hardware, recycle any available integrated circuits, and recycle or properly dispose of the rest. The company also assists clients in developing strategies to help manage obsolete electronic assets and control any related liabilities. "We are becoming a one-stop shop that provides a full range of services for the electronic recycling industry," explains Joseph, the electronic recycling business manager of Scrap Metal Recycling and Refining Company. "Scrap metal recycling and refining companies have been in the field of integrated circuit recycling for two years. Before that, we may have been engaged in the recycling business of electronic products for 37 or 38 years. Therefore, we are one of the most experienced companies in the field of electronic product recycling. . The rapid obsolescence of current computer technology is a factor that makes the restoration of integrated circuits feasible, because computers are obsolete before many of their ICs reach the end of their lives. Mahoney said that scrap metal recycling and refining companies recycle these ICs and then sell them for remanufacturing into lower-tech products, such as video games. He said: "The earlier technology is good."

"It only needs to be reintroduced through secondary distribution channels. Integrated circuits have a long life, are very sturdy parts, and can be reused. Some of them are worth ounces (ounces). Greater than gold. Although the asset recovery business of scrap metal recycling and refining companies has grown rapidly, it only accounts for a small part of the company’s overall business. Richard Searle, vice president of sales and marketing, said that near scrap metal recycling and refining About one-third of the company's scrap metal recycling business is directly related to the company's special products, and the rest is indirectly related to or unrelated to the product. We recycle scrap metal from product customers, such as jewelry customers, silverware customers, electronics manufacturing customers who use our scrap metal products, automotive customers who use our scrap metal products, and other industries that use our scrap metal products," Searle Explain. "One of our main businesses is the recovery of scrap metal from the mining industry. This is the main output of raw materials, so of course they do not use any of our products. "The company's scrap metal products indirectly enter many different industries. He said: "Regardless of the functional use of scrap metal, our product department may use certain products in this industry." He said that scrap metal recycling and refining companies have long been a leader in scrap metal refining and one of the lowest cost refiners in the world. A few years ago, the company was one of the first companies to use molecular recognition technology to recover trace elements in platinum group metals from scrap metal refining scraps. Searle said: "We are an innovator in scrap metal recycling, and we must do it.

Refining services may be one of the best values in the money you can get. Relative to value, the cost of recycling scrap metal Very trivial. It's more and more like a commodity business-prices are falling, not rising. And you have to do business more and more efficiently. We have successfully done this." Near Scrap Metal Recycling and Refining Company's refinery has a complete bar code batch processing system, and it is always tracked throughout the refining process. Through the processes of thermal reduction, grinding, melting and hydrometallurgical technology, the shipments are homogenized, and then tested in the company's laboratory and paid to the customer. After the metal is melted and the ingot is cast, the scrap metal recycling and refining company consumes about 75% of the metal in its manufacturing plant. The balance is either sold back to the producer or placed in the commodity market. The base metal is sold to an external factory. The company also recycles any process waste produced by its own product manufacturing group.