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Information on high-priced recycling of waste gold and water from electroplating plants, on the method of recycling gold and silver from electrical waste, a new technical route, harmless and advanced treatment, and multiple products obtained through multi-step operations, realizing the full sale and sale of waste gold. Use resources efficiently. This process simplifies the process flow, combines a variety of advanced technologies such as sprayed direct electrodeposition continuous ion friendly, and information on the recycling of scrap gold. The metal in the raw materials is recycled. Information about the recycling of waste gold and water. It improves the workshop production environment, saves energy and reduces emissions, while the entire process is simple and reasonable to operate, reducing operating costs. The segmented electrodeposition of this scrap gold wholesale method is based on changes in the concentration of metal ions during the electrolytic deposition process, and by controlling the corresponding current density and electroosmotic flow rate, the effect of maintaining product quality, reducing energy consumption and saving time is achieved. The waste gold wholesale method recovers copper, gold, palladium, silver and other metals with high purity and high yield. The recovered waste metal can be used directly without further purification, which simplifies the process flow and reduces further production and equipment costs.

   It can be seen that the method of this scrap gold wholesale method comprehensively treats ton-year old circuit board PCBs. From the actual production process of eBay, the gross profit of the scrap gold ring is as high as more than 10,000 yuan. The method of this scrap gold wholesale method can be significantly more effective. Separate waste and worn circuit boards PCB from various materials to recycle precious metals, realize resource regeneration and reuse, indirectly reduce mining, felling trees, and reduce energy consumption and pollution in the metallurgical processing of mines. Selling 18k scrap gold has a good society and Economic benefits. Detailed description The following will further describe the details of the specific embodiments of the method for wholesale of scrap gold in conjunction with the embodiments. Embodiment The method for harmlessly treating the bottom plate drift of the old circuit board PCB in this embodiment includes the following steps: one-step leaching and separating copper and tin. The old circuit board PCB is crushed and sieved to obtain metal powder; the metal powder is added to sulfuric acid with a concentration of , The heating aeration liquid-solid ratio is the extraction temperature for a period of leaching.

During the extraction time, copper and tin enter the leachate, and the copper content in the leachate is as follows: part of the tin is suspended in the leachate in the form of tin ash, one stage of leachate and one stage of leaching The mud is obtained through a single filter, and information on where there is waste gold-plated silver recovery. Using hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid, one stage of leaching sludge is heated and stirred for two stages of nitrification leaching, liquid-to-solid ratio, refining temperature, and information on the recovery of copper waste and gold chains. Sell ??14k waste gold extraction time, pass through a single-stage filter to obtain two-stage nitrification leachate and two-stage nitrification leachate; the sulfuric acid concentration is, the molar ratio; combine one-stage leachate with two-stage nitrification leachate, and add flocculant. About Ganzhou Platinum Information on water recycling. The tin ash in the leachate is flocculated and precipitated to obtain titanium dioxide slag and copper bath, which are then filtered through cascade; the copper bath is used for iron and impurity removal process, and the copper bath is purified; the flocculant is gold water and gold salt, and the mass fraction is: The volume ratio of the filtrate is, and the flocculation time is; sprayed direct electrodeposition uses a purified copper bath for electrodeposition of copper-carrying sprayed direct electrodeposition equipment, and information on the recovery of scrap gold electronic parts. And get more gold water than copper electrodeposition; sell 24k waste gold the electrodeposited copper and adopt the staged electrodeposition process, the details are as follows: gold water purification and enrichment is more than copper electrodeposition than copper electrodeposition, and gold water reflow is used Step for leaching, and then the leachate is electrodeposited and carried.