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   Gold slag recovery chemical technology step 1: The process includes roasting (in which the compound is converted at a temperature below the melting point) and smelting (involving a higher temperature to completely melt the material), and then separating it into two liquid layers, one of which Contains scrap gold for further refining. 5,42,43 Oxygen-enriched air and fuel can be injected into the molten pool through a spray gun to oxidize and remove any volatile components present, and the current in the electrometallurgical process can pass through the electrolyte and any waste gold in the electrolyte The compound dissociates. Deposit waste gold at the cathode. The advantage of pyrometallurgy is that almost no pretreatment steps other than disassembly and shredding of components are required. 14k scrap gold prices Due to the high copper content found in PCBs, the output of smelters used for e-waste is best described as copper bars. Copper can be separated by leaching, and copper can be recovered by electrolytic deposition, thereby leaving remaining precious gold waste for further refining. The gold slag recovery chemical smelting process consumes energy, but by using the plastic content of PCBs as a fuel and reducing agent for smelters, the price of scrap gold from pawnshops can partially offset the overall dependence on fossil fuels (such as coke). 45 However, because PCBs contain halogenated flame retardants, this can lead to the formation of furans and dioxins, coupled with the generation of volatile waste gold and dust, posing challenges to the environment.


The price of 14k gold per gram in 2020. Although the waste gold slag recycling technology has become a cost-effective solution for electronic waste recycling due to economies of scale and the ability to process various wastes with minimal pretreatment, 10k gold per gram in 2020 Prices, but they have brought a huge environmental burden. This type of recycling is also very poorly selective for individual scrap gold, which means that multiple stages are required to recover the scrap gold in its pure element form. The waste gold slag recycling company said: Based on the top-blowing converter smelting furnace, the oxypropane spray gun and the 360° rotating chamber that can be tilted to different angles, it has developed an optimized process to recover complex waste gold materials (such as waste PCB). The process can be slag and castings. 46 Pyrolysis is a pretreatment method used to enhance the separation of non-condensable gas and liquid fractions and solid residues. The resulting solid material makes the separation of waste gold, glass fiber and organic fractions easier, and the price per gram of 14k platinum is therefore Recycling of each part is more feasible. Umicore has developed an advanced process at the Hoboken plant in Belgium, which includes the recovery of copper and precious waste gold, as well as waste gas and water utilization systems. 25 In addition, a new waste gold slag recovery process has been introduced, which can simultaneously extract and recover precious waste gold from waste mobile phone PCBs and honeycomb automatic catalysts by smelting with industrial waste copper slag.

   The gold slag recovery and refining chemical process is simpler than the conventional pyrometallurgical process, because it does not need to add any external collector. A typical PCB for gold recovery from printed circuit boards includes 40% scrap gold, 30% plastics and 30% ceramics, 5,10, of which the scrap gold part contains 10–27% Cu and 2–8% Al. 1–4% Pb, 1–8% iron, 1–6% tin, 0.2-3.6% nickel, 0.1-1.5% zinc and <0.1% precious scrap gold. 25-30 These data are usually obtained by the following steps: grinding waste PCB, and then using aqua regia (1:3 mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid) or hydrochloric acid and aqua regia to extract the powder. . The content of precious waste gold in electronic waste varies greatly. The content of gold is 10–1600ppm, the content of silver is 20–20000ppm, and the content of palladium is 5–970ppm, but in most cases, these content exceeds that of conventional mining ore. Expected levels in the. Gold-rich ore usually contains 0.0018% by weight (18ppm) of gold, and typical silver-containing ore contains 0.085% (85ppm) of silver. 31 Obviously, the concentration of precious scrap gold found in e-waste depends on the life of the equipment; the thickness of the scrap gold price of 10,000 gold contacts has been halved from about half. It is 1.0 μm in devices manufactured in the 1980s, and 0.6–0.3 μm in devices manufactured in the 2000s.