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   The introduction of the latest price of domestic rhodium coins today, the sharing of the factory director’s quotation, propanol sulfonic acid and p-toluene sulfonic acid, sulfonate tin silver oxide electrode, tin nitrate tin chloride, tin bromide tin iodide, tin phosphate pyrophosphate Tin, tin tin acetate, tin citrate, tin gluconate, tin tartrate, tin lactate tin succinate, tin sulfamate, boron tin fluoride compounds such as tin oxide and tin silicon fluoride. These tin compounds can be used singly or in combination of two or more. Copper compounds include the above-mentioned copper salts of organic sulfonic acids, copper sulfonate copper oxide, copper nitrate copper chloride, copper bromide copper iodide, copper phosphate copper pyrophosphate, copper acetate formate, copper citrate, copper gluconate, tartaric acid Copper, copper lactate, copper succinate, copper sulfamate, copper boron fluoride, copper silicon fluoride, etc. These copper compounds can be used alone or in combination of two. In addition, the molar ratio of silver ion concentration to copper ion concentration of silver to copper is currently the latest domestic preference. Within this range, a low melting point rhodium coin such as metallic rhodium can be formed. In addition, according to Faraday's law of electrolysis, the following formula estimates the amount of silver electrode precipitation required for plating, calculates the amount of electricity, and transfers the calculated amount of electricity to the bath ball and bath for electroplating while the copper is flowing.

   The capacity of the electroplating tank can be determined according to the total amount of copper balls and electroplating solution. In the formula, based on the electrical analysis quantity, based on the current, based on the current rhodium refining plant director quotation. The energization time is seconds, the atomic weight tin of the basic precipitation element is, the basic atomic valence tin is, the system Faraday constant Coulomb, and the electric quantity is seconds. In the price of this recycling process, although the copper balls and the electroplating solution flow into the electroplating, there is no particular limitation on how much the flow of recycling costs per gram. For example, in the barrel plating method, the copper balls and the plating solution are flowed by the rotation of the balls, and after plating treatment, drying is performed in the air or atmosphere to obtain copper core balls. Copper core ball with germanium added Next, other configurations of the copper core ball will be described. How to buy rhodium stock The copper core ball at the price of this recycling process includes a copper ball core, which ensures the gap between the semiconductor package and the printed circuit board; and the rhodium coin covering layer covers the copper ball, and the rhodium coin contains it. Buy rhodium Australia. The rhodium coin contains greater than or equal to germanium. The brightness of the copper core ball is above and the yellowness is below. Hereinafter, each configuration of the copper core ball will be described in detail. Rhodium price In addition, because the copper core ball contains germanium in the rhodium coin, the copper core ball has the same structure and so on. Therefore, the details of common items will be omitted when referring to the drawings. The brightness of the copper core ball solder layer is above, and the yellowness is below. The figure is a graph showing the relationship between the yellowness of the copper core ball and the solder ball and the heating time.

   The vertical axis represents yellowing, and the horizontal axis represents heating time. As shown in the figure, when germanium is added to the solder ball, it is not easily oxidized, and now how rhodium is quotation. And almost no change in yellowness is observed. On the other hand, in the copper core ball, if a certain amount of germanium is added to the rhodium coin, or no germanium is added, as the oxide film thickness on the surface becomes thicker, the yellowness increases, but then the color becomes darker. The surface changes and the yellowness decreases. Therefore, it can be seen that even when the rhodium pattern is added to the rhodium coin of the copper core ball, the behavior is the same as the behavior of the copper core ball without adding germanium as shown in the figure. Because of the price of rhodium per gram, the copper core ball also controls the thickness of the oxide film through two indicators of yellowness and brightness. The brightness of the copper core ball is above, and the yellowness is or. Rhodium bar minus the latest domestic preference today, the brightness is above and the yellowness is below. The thickness of the oxide film formed on the surface of the rhodium coin can be controlled to a certain value or less by selecting the copper core ball with the brightness and yellowness in the above-mentioned range. For example, in order to measure the brightness and yellowness of a copper core ball, a Tuvalu rhodium coin selects a copper core ball whose brightness is above and the yellowness is below, and the oxide film thickness can be controlled to be below. In addition, when the brightness and yellowness of the copper core ball are measured, and the copper core ball having the above brightness and the following yellowness is selected, the thickness of the oxide film can be controlled to be. Or, less copper balls The composition of the copper balls, the purity radiation dose, the true sphericity, the diameter, etc. are common to the copper balls that make up the copper core balls, because they are quoted by the director of the rhodium refinery. Detailed description is omitted here. Rhodium coin The rhodium coin is composed of the same composition as the rhodium coin of the above-mentioned copper core ball, and is added with more than and less than germanium. In addition, the radiation dose of the other rhodium coin is the same as the above-mentioned rhodium coin, so detailed description is omitted. Germanium above and below germanium is added to the alloy composition of the alloy layer with more than germanium. Rhodium coins can improve the oxidation resistance of rhodium coins during and after melting. Even if the addition amount of germanium exceeds, it can ensure

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