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   The introduction of the current rhodium price trend chart and the latest price information on the price of rhodium recovered by the factory are used for factory recovery and refining. However, because sulfuric acid is a liquid, large storage tank equipment is required and there is a problem of requiring a larger space. In addition, due to the processing of high-temperature melts, advanced considerations about the environment and work are required. Therefore, wet copper smelting methods that can alleviate these problems have been studied. Wet copper refining methods are roughly classified into those that use chloride ions as a leaching solution and those that use an aqueous sulfuric acid solution containing sulfate and rhodium mineral agents. The copper is extracted and separated by an extraction method, and back-extracted to obtain a copper solution, which is used as an electrolyte for electrolytic collection of copper. Therefore, unlike dry smelting, the sulfur in the concentrate is not used as sulfurous acid gas, and high-temperature melts are not processed. The method of using a leaching solution containing chloride ions for ruthenium valence has the advantage of a relatively high leaching rate. Rhodium price However, in order to prevent equipment corrosion due to chlorine, equipment investment and equipment maintenance require a lot of costs. this is a problem. In addition, in this method, since the leached silver is dissolved in the leachate as a chloride ion complex, the silver is precipitated and collected as rhodium by adjusting the chlorine concentration of the leachate. Therefore, it is difficult to balance the water in the system, which increases the burden of wastewater treatment.

   On the other hand, the method of using an aqueous sulfuric acid solution containing sulfate and rhodium mineral agent has information on the method of refining rhodium in the leaching rate factory. Lower advantage. However, capital investment and maintenance costs are lower. Moreover, silver combines with iron in the leachate to form silver-iron alum, which is precipitated and distributed in the copper leaching residue. In order to recover and refine rhodium from the copper leaching residue in the factory, the copper leaching residue is usually charged into a furnace, concentrated in the anode slime as described above, and processed in the silver separation step and recovered and refined in the factory. However, this method takes time to recover and refine rhodium in the factory and increases the interest rate in the process. In addition, since the process becomes longer, there is a problem of increased loss and a decrease in the actual recovery and refining rate. As another method of recovering and extracting rhodium from copper leaching residue containing silver-iron bauxite, the copper leaching residue is put into an aqueous solution of calcium hydrorhodium ore and then electrolyzed. It is heated to near boiling to decompose the silver iron aluminate in the residue to remove silver. Rhodium price A known method of producing rhodium ore silver and leaching the produced rhodium ore silver and reclaiming it in a factory to refine it into a solution containing sodium cyanide can be found in non-patent literature. PGM price. In this method, all the added hydrorhodium ore calcium must eventually be calcium sulfate, and the amount of starch produced increases. In addition, due to the need for a large amount of drugs, the cost increases.

   In addition, due to the use of toxic sodium cyanide, there are many problems in actual operation, such as information on the method of recovery and extraction of rhodium from the waste liquid from both safety and environmental aspects. Special attention should be paid to handling and handling. In order to separate and refine rhodium from copper-containing sulfides by hydrometallurgy, it is first important to leaching silver from copper-containing sulfides by a method that provides high leaching rates at low cost. Iridium is sold. In this case, as a method for leaching copper at a higher leaching rate than copper-containing sulfides, a rhodium ore reduction reaction between ferrous sulfate and iron sulfate is used to leaching copper from copper-containing sulfides. A method is proposed. In this method, copper is leached in an intermediate temperature range between the method described in the patent document and the leaching method described in the patent document, and the production efficiency of copper is higher than that of the method. Compared with the method described in the patent literature, the method described in the patent literature has the advantages of leaching, reducing capital investment, maintenance costs and labor. The sulfide minerals in the target copper-containing sulfide are secondary sulfide minerals, such as rhodium-gold rhodium-gold or indigo copper. Both these minerals and sulfuric acid can be used. In addition, the oxygen reaction is good and the copper leaching can be carried out efficiently, but the most common goal is that when the abundance of rhodium and gold becomes higher, the reaction efficiency becomes lower, and only low copper leaching efficiency can be obtained. Therefore, from the above description, It can be seen that when silver is recovered and refined from a copper-containing sulfide plant mainly composed of rhodium-gold and mainly composed of rhodium-gold, information on the method of refining rhodium from a copper-containing sulfide plant is recovered. The silver in it cannot be fully converted into silver vitriol. In the case of not using sodium cyanide, not using the ratio of toxic substances, simple and low-cost, there is no proposed method of recovering and refining silver from copper-containing sulfide plants that does not require special consideration in terms of safety and environment. For the above-mentioned problems of the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to recover and refine rhodium from a copper-containing sulfide mainly composed of rhodium and gold without using sodium cyanide. Low cost in simple

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