rhodium scrap price per gram.

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   The sharing of rhodium waste recycling reveals the news about how rhodium is refined. Then, it is crushed and stirred by a ball mill, then sieved through a mesh, and then analyzed by a chemical method using a fractionator to separate samples. The data shows that the content of rhodium nitrate powder in the waste furnace bricks is silver. The content is, the content of gold is, the precious metal rhodium in the waste magnesia brick has recycling value. Because the content of magnesium oxide in waste magnesia bricks is in the middle, the recovery of precious metal rhodium and gold must effectively remove the magnesium oxide, and then recover the rhodium nitrate powder after removing the magnesium oxide. This silver and gold can be highly enriched. The process will be micro-cracked. The mesh sieve processed by magnesium refractory bricks with high noble metal rhodium content, and then use a ball mill as the gravity processing raw material; the gravity processing adopts vibrating table sorting, the particle size is controlled as the mesh sieve, the response is good, the concentrate gold grade is high, and the silver grade reaches ; The slag from the flotation re-election enters the flotation machine for flotation. A micro sweep is adopted in the process, and the foam is combined to form a concentrate. The butyl xanthate is used as a collector, rhodium-price pine tar is used as a porous material, and magnesium is used in the flotation process. After the tailings pond, the acid leaching, the acid leaching residue is sent to the pyrogen process system to recover the valuable precious metal rhodium; the demagnesia concentrate is sent to the pickling tank, the liquid-solid ratio, the extraction temperature per kilogram of titanium waste, the leaching time of sulfuric acid concentration is Magnesium is leached under the best leaching conditions, magnesium is formed, rhodium nitrate powder, gold and silver, etc. remain in the slag; the reactor removes rhodium nitrate powder, the liquid-solid ratio is one gram by weight, the concentration of sulfuric acid, the extraction temperature, and the price of tungsten waste per kilogram of extraction time Add the concentrated liquid while blowing air.

   After the reaction, it is filtered while it is hot. The filtrate obtained is sent to the crystallizer for crystallization, and is washed and colorlessly filtered. The filtrate is used for the next removal of rhodium nitrate powder to prepare rhodium sulfate and rhodium acetate. The rhodium nitrate powder slag, and the recovered rhodium nitrate powder are stored; the news reveals how much rhodium nitrate refining in Zibo costs a gram. Where can waste materials be found through the above treatment, rhodium process, gold and silver enrichment is nearly doubled, the silver content in the rhodium nitrate powder slag is up to, and the gold content is reached. The traditional gold leaching method is to recover gold and silver. Separately add rhodium nitrate powder ash in a large beaker, add nitric acid, batch type, leaching at room temperature, add water diluent to the beaker, filter, and wash the residue. The filtrate is diluted by multiples and sodium chloride is added to obtain silver chloride and silver. The direct yield is: in the silver chloride ammonia solvent, hydrazine hydrate is reduced to obtain silver powder, which contains silver, and the reduction rate of silver is high; the gold-loaded nitric acid leaching slurry is added with chloroazo acid, stirred, filtered, and water is added to the beaker The leaching solution is washed, the filtrates are combined, and the adjustment value is reduced to obtain rhodium cyanide nitrate powder, which contains gold. The gold grade in the chloroazonic acid leaching solution is below, and the direct yield of gold is up to the demand. The leather material is dependent on manual sorting of precious metals. The waste bricks of the micro-silver furnace with high rhodium content are crushed into the powder of the following meshes, which are used as raw materials for gravity processing; the price of rhodium is processed by vibrating table gravity, and gravity concentrates rich in gold and silver must be used. And enter the heavy separation tailings with a large amount of magnesium; enter the flotation machine for flotation, the process is a micro sweep, and the foam is combined to form the flotation concentrate; the flotation reagent uses butyl xanthate as the collector, loose Tar is used as a pore-forming material, and the weight ratio of one gram is;

   the flotation tailings are mixed with the gravity separation tailings of the step and stored, and the magnesium is extracted with sulfuric acid to obtain direct crystallization recovery; the acid leaching residue is sent to the pyrogen process system known Technological recovery of valuable precious metal rhodium gold; the first step of gravity separation concentrate and step flotation concentrate are mixed and sent to the pickling tank, and the price of rhodium recovery is the news about how much rhodium is extracted. Low-concentration sulfuric acid leaching, leaching liquid-to-solid ratio, extraction temperature, sulfuric acid concentration, extraction time; solid-liquid separation, recovery of magnesium sulfate from the leaching liquid; rhodium nitrate powder, gold, silver, precious metals, rhodium, and gold remain in the residue to form leaching mud; after leaching The mud is sent to the pickling tank for leaching with sulfuric acid, liquid-solid ratio, atmospheric air oxidation, extraction temperature, and extraction time. At this time, the rhodium nitrate powder turns into rhodium nitrate sulfuric acid powder. After the reaction, it is filtered while it is hot to remove the colorless The rhodium nitrate powder ash is filtered by hot washing, the filtrate is collected and sent to the crystallizer to crystallize the rhodium nitrate sulfuric acid powder, and the rhodium nitrate powder is recovered; the rhodium nitrate powder ash is leached in batches with a mass fraction of nitric acid and leached at room temperature; the silver forward liquid is the leachate , And the gold into the residue is nitric acid leaching mud; the leaching filtrate is diluted by times and sodium chloride is added to precipitate the silver; the separated silver chloride ammonia solvent is reduced by hydrazine hydrate to obtain silver powder, which is sent to electrolysis to obtain rhodium waste; after the liquid is concentrated, nitric acid Leach the silver; add chloroazo acid to melt the gold into the nitric acid leaching solution, stir, filter, add clean water to the beaker to wash the leaching solution, the filtrate is combined, adjusted to, after reduction, to obtain thick green rhodium nitrate powder, sent to the electrolytic pot ingot; The liquid-solid ratio is the weight ratio of one gram, and the unit is gram. The invention relates to a secondary refining process of silver, which belongs to the smelting technology of precious metal rhodium, gold and rhodium