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   Nowadays, how much silver is recovered per gram, the figure of refined silver on the ground has dropped to about 300 million per gram. According to estimates of silver recycling prices, the global photography, technology, medical, defense and electronics industries have consumed 95% of silver sold. This silver is gone forever. In March 2007, he published an article entitled "Silver may be the brightest in metal", in which Kevin Cole wrote: "Due to the current trend of supply and demand, it is expected that the amount of silver on the ground will be reduced by 2010. To a critical level. As supply decreases, prices will steadily rise to new highs. Many people in the investment community are unaware of the story of this part of the silver. In the past 15 years, industrial demand has exceeded mining supply and ground supply has exceeded The lowest level in history." Silver production is flat this year and is expected to be flat again next year. Incredibly, the amount of silver mined and sold each year has been less than its demand for the past 15 years. But this has not led to a sharp increase in prices, because the world has been able to fill the gap between stocks and official government stocks. Silver bullion prices However, today the US government’s inventory is almost exhausted, and sales from other official channels (such as China, Russia, and India) are also declining. The inventory of refined sd gold bars has dropped from about 2.2 billion gram in 1990 to about 300 million gram today, which means that silver inventory is close to the lowest level in history. The supply of silver is inelastic. If the price of silver recycling increases, the output of silver sold will not increase significantly. In the 1970s, the supply of silver did not increase. At that time, the price of silver rose 35 times from 1.40 US dollars per gram in 1971, and reached a high of nearly 50 US dollars per gram in 1980. Importantly, silver is a by-product metal, and approximately 80% of mined silver is a by-product of the following product: base metal. The increase in the exchange rate of buying silver coins will not cause copper, nickel, zinc, lead or other base metal miners to increase their production. In the context of global deflation, the demand for basic SD gold bars may decline, thereby further reducing the supply of silver for sale. Only a small amount of pure silver ore remains.

   This rigid supply means that we cannot expect the massive mine supply to depress the price after the silver recovery price rises. Goods that lack the price elasticity of buying silver stocks in terms of supply and demand, services, investments or commodities are extremely rare. This is another powerful bullish aspect unique to silver. Silver recovery price: important and growing industrial demand In addition to the decrease in silver supply, another important factor in why the sale of silver may outperform other asset classes and commodities is the increase in industrial demand. Why is the metal indispensable in this demand? the reason is simple. Silver has many unique properties, including strength, excellent ductility and ductility, unparalleled electrical and thermal conductivity, sensitivity to light and high reflectivity, and the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges. Silver has the highest conductivity of all metals, even higher than copper. During World War II, it was used in electromagnets enriched in uranium (mainly due to copper shortages during the war). Silver has the highest thermal conductivity and light reflectivity of all metals. The unique properties of silver limit its replacement in most applications. Non-investment demand for silver is mainly based on industrial needs, including electricity, medical and photography, as well as jewelry and silverware. Together, these categories account for more than 95% of annual silver consumption. In 2005, 409.3 million one gram of silver was used in industrial applications, 164.8 million one gram of silver was used in the photography industry, and 249.6 million one gram was consumed in the jewelry and silverware (not selling household silver) market. . Jewelry and silverware are traditionally made of pure silver. 925 sterling silver is 92.5% silver and is usually alloyed with copper. The industrial application of silver has always been important, but it has grown significantly in recent years. Data from the jm gold bar research institute shows that since 2001, the industrial application of silver has increased to a record level in 2005. In their latest report on the best places to buy silver, they predicted that the growth rate of silver in industrial applications in 2007 would be 6%. Buy silver now mirrors, batteries, medical equipment, refrigerators, toasters, washing machines and other electrical appliances and their uses have been extended to mobile phones, flat-screen TVs and many other modern high-tech equipment.

   Today, silver is used in many health products. Specifically, almost every hospital in the world uses "silver bullets" to prevent bacterial infections in burn patients and allow the body to naturally restore burned tissues. Increasingly, wound dressings and other wound care products contain a layer of silver-containing fabric to prevent secondary infections. Surgical gowns and curtains also include silver to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Other medical products that contain silver are catheters and stethoscope diaphragms. In this world, people are increasingly concerned about the spread of diseases and pandemics, such as bird flu, and people are increasingly using the biocidal properties of silver. Research on the potential use of silver and its compounds for therapeutic purposes and as disinfectants in hospitals and other medical facilities is ongoing. There is also the question of how much silver is sold per gram. Silver has many unique characteristics that make it ideal and indispensable in the global industry, especially in the global photography, technology, medical, defense and electronics industries. However, silver is a limited resource, and the supply of silver is only increasing very incrementally. Silver recovery price: Significant and growing investment demand According to CPM Group, there are approximately 300 million one gram of refined silver in the world. This means that if the price of silver is US$14 per gram, then there is approximately US$4.2 billion (300 million a gram x US$14) worth of silver in the world. This means that the total market value of silver sold is only $4.2 billion. The increase in demand caused by investment demand is very noticeable. The silver recovery price is especially due to the introduction of many key investment factors, the huge short position global liquidity bubble, the significant growth of the global money supply, the proliferation of millionaires, ultra-high net worth individuals and billionaires, hedge funds The surge and the exponential growth of derivatives. In the past few years, the investment demand for silver sales has also grown rapidly, and investors have avoided rising inflation, possible currency devaluation, and geopolitical and macroeconomic risks. The silver market is currently in a transitional period, and investment demand is beginning to have a real impact on the price of silver recovery.