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  I now have a lot of gold recycling where is the most cost-effective to learn about where to recycle gold and e-waste recycling information. Sodium metabisulfite (sodium metabisulfite) is a powdery white chemical used for the precipitation of gold. Hydrofluoric acid is a solution of hydrogen fluoride (HF) in water. It is a dangerous acid used in gold recovery. Borax (sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, sodium tetraborate) is also used in flux. It helps the smelting of gold. In e-waste recycling, sulfuric acid is used to recover gold from IC chips. Nitric acid (rich water and nitrospirin), an industrial-grade aqueous solution with a concentration of 68%, can remove base metals and be used in aqua regia. 32% of hydrochloric acid is used for electronic waste recycling and is the main part of aqua regia. AquaRegia is a gold recovery chemical solution. Sodium bicarbonate (Soda) is a cleaning agent. If your gold powder has dust or filter paper dust and it is difficult to melt the gold, you can add some soda water. Soda water helps gold melt. Potassium nitrate is used for gold recovery. Read more here. Wait a minute, don't throw those old electronic devices into the trash can, they have gold in them. How about putting it in your pocket instead of someone else's pocket? Notebook computers, phones, cameras, etc. contain silver, and even printers and scanners also contain gold, silver, copper, and even platinum. Gold is a precious, conductive and flexible metal, which maintains a stable value better than many commodities. Its chemical properties allow it to be used in the manufacture of computer parts and electronic products. Some people have found that it is profitable to try to extract gold from these scraps, and then refine and sell the gold.

   The complex process of where to recover gold requires chemical expertise and the opportunity to use various chemical equipment. However, with the right knowledge, experience and tools to buy gold and silver for dummies, you can remove precious gold from computer parts and other discarded electronic equipment. Where to go for gold recycling is more cost-effective, collect any gold-containing metal scraps you can use, including jewelry, computer processors, old telephone lines or gold crowns. Keep in mind that outdated electronics are more likely to produce parts with a sufficiently high gold content to make this procedure worthwhile. The value of silver exceeds that of gold. This is the gold in the bucket I collected in three months. Divide gold into circuits that need cleaning, gold-plated parts, gold-plated pins, gold fingers, and pure gold of different sizes. The use of magnets to separate all the gold-plated steel requires a different process than the one I demonstrated. Before using chemicals, please use all safety gears correctly and operate them outdoors, because the smoke will be annoying. Put the golden fingers and the clean circuit board into the coffee pot, mix two parts of hydrochloric acid and one part of hydrogen peroxide in another container, and then add them to the coffee pot until it just covers the golden fingers, and wait for a week. It is stirred. Since I have a week, I will continue to deal with my low-grade solid gold parts. Gold is a precious metal that is extremely scarce on the earth. In fact, only about 183,000 tons of gold have been mined in recorded history, which is equivalent to 3.8 Olympic-sized swimming pools. And most of the gold is extracted from ore extracted from gold mines. In addition to gold, gold ore also includes platinum, silver and other precious metals. The process of separating gold begins by crushing gold ore into fine powder. How to buy gold and silver stocks and then use chemicals to extract solutions of gold and other valuable components. This solution (pregnancy solution) is placed in an electrolytic bath, where gold, platinum, silver and other elements that are difficult to ionize will precipitate out of the solution. The extract is then melted in a high-temperature furnace, where gold with a high specific gravity settles to the bottom and can be separated. Why silver is a better investment than gold? At this time, the purity of gold is 98%. After repeated refining, the purity of gold has increased to 99.99%. This is the method used to make gold ingots. Japan once had a share of gold mines in high-concentration gold mines, but because the remaining gold mines were not enough to make the mining industry profitless, most of these mines have now been closed.

   Where is the most cost-effective way to recycle domestic gold? It has replaced gold mining in the country, which has aroused people's great interest. In fact, there are gold mines flowing in cities and towns, and they carry much more gold than the gold left in the mines. Gold exists in our computers, silver, digital cameras, game consoles and other devices. In how to buy gold and silver for investment, gold is the least susceptible to corrosion and degradation, and because it can be stretched into filaments or thin leaves and has high conductivity, it is also an important part of precision manufacturing products. A single product uses very little gold, but when all are collected together, it can be comparable to gold collected from a large mine, so we call this process of recovering gold as urban mining. We recover gold from electronic equipment and other industrial waste, waste liquid from factories, and precious metal jewelry. There is no shortage of very thin gold plates in integrated circuits and other semiconductors, aluminum plates and other parts. And some components in computer hard drives use gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals. Why buy silver instead of gold? After using it, even plastic containers used to hold precious metals only have traces. The waste liquid produced by silver also has some gold left in the solution. These include liquids used to electroplate semiconductors and other products. In the manufacturing process of electronic devices, these liquids are used to extract precious metals. By processing these precious metals, Tanaka can extract high-purity gold. In this process, the collected precious metal jewelry, industrial waste and other raw metals are put into a mixed acid solution called aqua regia. This solution is usually a mixed solution of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Where is gold recovery cost effective? Oxidizing ability, can dissolve most precious metals including gold. How do you buy gold and silver, on the other hand, it does not dissolve plastics and other resins. The aqua regia solution in which gold has been dissolved is transferred to the reduction tank. Among the precious metals, gold is the least prone to corrosion. This means that oxygen is not easy to adhere to gold, so gold is difficult to be oxidized. But in aqua regia, gold dissolves after losing electrons and being ionized. Then an easily oxidizable substance (reducing agent) is added to the solution. At this time, electrons are provided, and the gold is deionized and re-solidified into a precious metal. This process is called restoration. The reduced gold becomes powder in a solution that looks like muddy water.