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   How much is a three-way catalytic converter for a car? The systems and methods related to the recovery of catalytic converters of waste cars are introduced. The plant manager directly recycles the system and method using broken tubes and grinders, eliminating alligators and cutters used in industry. These improvements have improved the safety of workers and eliminated occupational hazards such as dust and toxic substances. Catalytic converters are usually installed on road vehicles and airplanes to control exhaust emissions by accelerating catalytic chemical reactions to convert toxic gases into less toxic pollutants. Once the catalytic activity of the converter deteriorates or is damaged due to accidents or other reasons, it can be recycled. Catalytic converter recycling has started since the century, and the industry is still booming. Today, the current method of dealing with scrapped or damaged automotive three-way catalytic converters is to use equipment to cut or shear the external metal or ceramic of the catalytic converter. shell. The factory director directly recycles the shearing machines, which are usually guillotine type and alligator type, which brings great occupational risks to industry workers. In addition, the process is usually carried out in an open-air ventilated room with or without limited range hood vacuum cleaners, so that workers and facilities are exposed to the toxic dust and smoke generated in the process of recycling Ford 5.4 catalytic converter scrap prices. The shell is then cut and removed so that it can access the internal support material. Ford's diesel catalytic converter is scrapped and the material is an old three-way catalytic converter. These spent catalytic converter catalogs usually use precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Honda's three-way catalytic converter scrap price carrier can have two types of ceramic or metal foil. Both supports have a coating for precious metals.

   There are several ways to recover precious metals, one of which is the US Patent No. The scheme mechanically pulverizes the entire catalytic converter into particles to form a mixture containing the metal shell carrier and the old automobile three-way catalytic converter part. Then use pneumatic classifier, magnetic separator and filter to separate these components according to different characteristics. This solution is specifically designed for the use of metal or metal foil carriers commonly referred to as metal carrier recovery catalytic converter converters. This waste car three-way catalytic converter recovery method does not involve crushing or grinding the entire metal converter. It does not require pneumatic or magnetic separation. In addition, it can also be used to recycle ceramic converters. Technical Field This method for recycling three-way catalytic converters of waste automobiles involves the recycling of discarded or damaged catalytic converters. More specifically, this waste automobile three-way catalytic converter recovery method recovers the catalytic converter, exposing workers to the current occupational hazard facilities and the environment exposed to the toxic dust or emissions generated during the recycling process. General Motors scrapped the catalytic conversion process. Price and picture summary One purpose of this waste car three-way catalytic converter recycling method is to provide a method, the Dodge ram 2500 catalytic converter waste price makes it possible to recycle used waste or damage the catalytic converter without using a paper cutter And crocodile shears. The plant manager directly wastes the catalytic converter catalog which in turn will lead to a simpler and safer process. Toyota Catalytic Converter Scrap Price Another purpose of this waste car three-way catalytic converter recovery method is to provide a method that does not involve any preliminary treatment, including converters.

    Another purpose of this waste three-way catalytic converter recovery method is to provide a A method to achieve a safe working environment by closing certain working areas during recovery. Still another purpose of this waste car three-way catalytic converter recovery method is to provide a method for recovering the main components of the catalytic converter, such as the insulating material of the metal casing, and the metal wire mesh used to wrap the ceramics. Another purpose of this waste car three-way catalytic converter recycling method is to provide a method that enables the scrap recyclers to receive the recycled parts of the catalytic converter, which are free of dust and residues. The above-mentioned advantages and features of this specification will be from the following Detailed description of drawings when used alone or with accompanying documents. It should be understood that the above abstract is provided to introduce in a simplified form a selection of concepts that are further described in the detailed description. Recycling it directly by the factory manager does not mean identifying the key or essential features of the claimed subject. Ford's spent catalytic converter prices and pictures and their scope are uniquely defined by the detailed description of the claims. In addition, the claimed subject matter is not limited to the realization of solving any shortcomings of the above or any part thereof. Disclosure of the drawings Description of the drawings Many aspects of the three-way catalytic converter recovery method of this waste automobile can be better understood with reference to the following drawings. The parts in the figure are not necessarily to scale, but it is emphasized to clearly illustrate that the current principle disclosure is an implementation block diagram containing the front view of the left cutting and crushing cabinet of the enclosed conveyor and the right front view of the vacuum cleaning cabinet, according to some disclosed embodiments. Place.