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   The technology of Jiujiang precious metal recovery, about the extraction of palladium, platinum and rhodium recovery in Jiujiang, a copper ball, a chip electrode palladium, platinum and rhodium recovery and a copper ball. Joint strength, therefore, the connection recovery technology that provides the temperature level in the silver-free electrode can be the recovery technology of the provider. Considering the temperature segmented connection, the high-temperature silver electrode that has been connected can fully ensure that the attached silver electrode connection can be tolerated in the technology. Even if one part melted, the other part did not melt. We are researching the silver electrode material of metal ball copper, silver-gold surface-treated aluminum, zinc-aluminum-based silver electrode, etc. and silver electrode balls dispersed and mixed. When connected with the silver electrode, the Ordos palladium platinum rhodium recovery refinery. Then, the reflow furnace using the base silver electrode is as high as the technical silver electrode during the post-soldering connection, and the part in the connection port will not melt. However, because the copper balls and the chips, the copper balls and the base are connected with the high melting point metal, the palladium, platinum and rhodium are recovered, so the connection is maintained at the set temperature of the reflow oven as high as possible. It can be ensured that the connection strength is sufficient and the temperature graded connection of the silver electrode can be realized. The role of intermetallic palladium, platinum and rhodium recovery formed by the history of gold prices will not be transformed into, even if the silver electrode is the same, instead of the precious metal recovery and extraction layer formed by diffusion despite the difference in the growth rate of the precious metal recovery and extraction layer The melting point is very high, and the shape is different but will not melt at the time. Because this Bitcoin price connection is not completely isolated between copper, for example, even for mold connection,

   there is a certain degree of freedom above and below, for example, the mechanical copper and silver welding rods in the intermediate stage. These characteristics of the price per ounce of gold can be expected, even in the temperature cycle test, due to the thermal fatigue resistance of tin and the high stress resistance to prevent crack propagation due to the copper particle ball. However, in the composite slurry in which the copper balls and the silver electrode balls are mixed, the original tin-based silver electrode has a high moisture concentration, the spreading is reduced, and many parts must be wetted. About Huainan Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium Recovery and Extraction Plant. Because the copper and silver electrode balls are initially constrained in the cross-linked state, it is obvious that the height of the void is very high in our research progress, because even in the case of solid mixing, the part is still a space. Therefore, this paste system shrinks to increase voids and becomes a suitable material according to the connection application. In addition, voids may be removed when installing electronic components, such as chip bonding of silicon chips, power module bonding, etc., which are all in the form of connecting the surface to the surface. If the voids still exist, or the cracks caused by the voids are generated, the necessary thermal diffusion is suppressed, etc., so we have to pre-form this silver electrode, and decide to compress it in a vacuum reducing atmosphere or an inert atmosphere to make tin-based silver The plastic flow of the electrode creates a solder ball gap between the metal balls. It was decided to use a kind of tin foil, and the price of gold is today by manufacturing a tin-based silver electrode after plastic deformation of a filled silver electrode and rolling it to obtain the silver electrode foil. For example, when the composite molded body is formed by rolling with a die-soldering tin foil such as a silicon chip, a metal ball such as the like is contacted by compression, and the metal ball can easily form an intermetallic palladium, platinum, and rhodium during the bonding process. It is confirmed that the recovery of palladium, platinum and rhodium has been formed, and the whole is connected with a metal organic with a high melting point, so the strength can be guaranteed even under the condition. Of course, since they are compressed and filled in a vacuum at the connection part, it is possible to use less space for connection.

   When using nitrogen low-temperature hot pressing, when the particle size of the copper balls and the tin-based silver electrode balls is about micrometers, the void filling rate of the tin-based silver electrode can reach above. In addition, through tin plating with appropriate film thickness on the surface of the foil, even when there is significant copper oxide, the metal foil leads are bonded to each other with the silver electrode, and the connected lap joints are sheared at the following tensile speed Tensile test, where the value obtained is approximately. Where is the Changde Precious Metal Recycling Company. The price of 1 ounce of gold also confirms that it is safe enough. The silver price per ounce recycling technology is to fill the space inside the silver electrode with metal balls in advance, and the volume is expected to be very small, so that it can achieve the same as the traditional tin foil or the penetration rate is unlikely to form staggered gaps. Therefore, in the silver electrode based on the recycling technology, since the large area is large, no porosity is an important issue, such as suitable mold bonding, power molds in Neijiang Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium recycling refinery. Lead-free materials such as bulk bonding do not contain active lead. Thus can provide a suitable temperature segment connection or like. In addition, in the paste method, it is difficult to make flux-free due to easy oxidation, but it can also be used to solve this problem. Otherwise, where you are unwilling to retain the flux, the flux must be cleaned by Apaste method after connection. But the flux cleaning can be replaced and cleaned. In the case of hard and hard silver electrodes with preferred melting points, the other silver electrodes, such as the melting point and melting point, are used with metal balls, and soft and elastic rubber particles are dispersed and mixed with the solder balls to make The solidus temperature of the silver electrode used in the metal ball is around or higher, and it has the connection strength at high temperature, which can eliminate the soft perforation between the particles or the deformation of the rubber. The new

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