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   Where is Fuzhou precious metals recovered and refined? Regarding the Fuzhou rhodium recovery technology, the comparative silver-palladium-platinum-rhodium-rhodium bath containing thiourea appeared extremely turbid after two weeks. For the comparative silver bath, silver was deposited on the container wall in the first week. The minimum requirement for the evaluation of the test results is to be able to continue to use the electroplating bath for more than a few months. According to the above test results, the silver plating bath containing aliphatic sulfide and various silver rhodium plating bath implementations related to the recovery technology did not decompose and stabilized month. The result of selling rhodium in my neighborhood is obvious, and the recycling technology meets the minimum feasible level as an electroplating bath. Regarding the aliphatic sulfide recovery technology, the basic principle is to stabilize the silver ion in the bath through the complexation of the sulfide or disulfide bond. Especially for compounds with alkylene oxide chains, the polyether bond has a blocking effect. For compounds with hydroxypropyl group, the oxygen atom of the hydroxypropyl group and the sulfur atom of the sulfur bond form six member configurations about silver ions. As a result, it can be inferred that the ability to complex with each silver ion is further enhanced. On the contrary, the rhodium sponge sold does not contain the blank example comparative example about the recovery technology compound and immediately decompose. The rhodium buyer near me will not make any practical sense after the next week. In a comparative example of a plating bath containing thiodiglycolic acid, where is Fuyang Precious Metal Recycling Company.

   Decomposition occurs at day and week, while in the comparative example in the plating bath containing thiodiglycol, decomposition occurs at day and week. In addition, in the comparative example in the bath containing thiourea, decomposition occurred at about 1 hour. In the above comparative examples, the examples are basic compositions. These baths are silver palladium platinum rhodium rhodium plating baths containing the same content of aliphatic sulfides. To compare these, first, compared with the comparative bath containing thiodiglycol acid, the stability of the comparative bath containing thiodiglycol is slightly improved from day to day, but the stability of the bath containing aliphatic sulfide is Improved. The embodiment of thiodidodecyl ethylene glycol with respect to the recovery technology compound is stable for a long period of time over a month. Compared with the sulfur-containing diethylene glycol bath that decomposes only after days, the difference between them is obvious. In addition, the comparative example of the bath containing thiourea decomposed at about one week. The series of silver plating baths showed similar results. It is believed that the reason why the decomposition of the series is slower than the decomposition of the series is because the content of compounds such as thiodiglycolic acid or thiodiglycol is higher than that of the series, and it has been confirmed. With various comparative examples, regarding Taiyuan Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium Recovery and Extraction Plant. Compared with the plating bath containing the aliphatic sulfide with respect to rhodium price technology, it has remarkably excellent plating bath stability. <Measurement test of silver co-deposition rate In various silver and rhodium plating baths including silver palladium platinum rhodium rhodium, silver bismuth rhodium plating bath examples and comparative examples and the current density conditions were changed and electroplating was performed. Proceed to see the table. Using the device to measure the co-deposition rate of silver in the electrodeposited coating can also measure the thickness of the fluorescent ray film.

   Selling rhodium in Australia because the comparative example decomposed immediately after preparation, so electroplating was not possible. The examples have extremely poor bath stability, decompose after one day, and it is difficult to achieve co-deposition of silver and palladium, platinum and rhodium. As a result, the UK did not implement electroplating on rhodium. Test results and their evaluation. The reference shows the result. For the example and the silver rhodium plating bath. Even when the cathode current density condition is changed from low density to high density, the silver co-deposition rate hardly changes, which confirms that silver and another metal have consistent co-deposition within a stable ratio range. For example, in the silver-palladium-platinum-rhodium-rhodium plating bath, comparing the comparative example with the embodiment containing aliphatic disulfide related to the recovery technology and the embodiment containing aliphatic monosulfide, it can be confirmed that the change is small. In the embodiment, for example, when the current density is changed to, the co-deposition rate of silver varies within a narrow range of the rhodium ingot Canadian embodiment and the embodiment. In contrast, the comparative example is a larger change. In the comparative example, the rate of change is limited to. For silver-palladium-platinum-rhodium-rhodium coatings, coatings with low silver content are effective for preventing palladium-platinum-rhodium whiskers. By using the plating bath of the gram rhodium rod for the recovery technology, even if the current density changes variously, the silver co-deposition rate is relatively stable. As a result, the current density is easily maintained, and various compositions for the silver rhodium coating can be easily formed according to various purposes. In addition, regarding the relationship between the embodiment and the comparative example, by observing the deposition rate of silver under the same current density condition, for example, the example is, the example is, and the comparative example is. Compared with thiourea, aliphatic sulfides containing ether oxygen atoms related to recovery technology have a stronger stabilizing effect on silver ions in the bath. Even if the same current density is applied, silver ions are not easily reduced to metallic silver. It can be assumed that this is the reason why the co-deposition rate of Example He is relatively small. As mentioned earlier, regarding Huaihua Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium Recovery and Refinery. For thiodiglycolic acid, which is similarly aliphatic sulfide, the stability of the bath is very poor, and it is difficult to co-deposit silver and palladium, platinum and rhodium. On the other hand, the co-deposition rate of thiodiglycol has reached a practicable level.

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