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   Another purpose of the ruthenium purchase process is to provide a method for purchasing ruthenium using an anode basket, which does not need to be lined with fabric, so that the stainless steel part is not dissolved but is stripped of the brazing in the anode basket. The following examples will further illustrate this recovery process. The tin compound to be incorporated into the ruthenium alloy plating bath is not particularly limited to inorganic or organic tin acids, such as tin chloride, tin chloride dihydrate, tin sulfate tin pyrophosphate, tartaric acid and tin methanesulfonate can be used alone or in combination . Still preferably in the electrolytic plating recovery method according to the second aspect, by measuring the current density to a more preferable range, the ruthenium purchase process method can be applied to high-speed electroplating and form a stable electroplating layer, and pulse current can be used during electroplating Waveform current or current with flat DC waveform without ripple. For this reason, various additives are added to the plating solution to control the formation of the plating layer, prevent whitening, increase the plating power of the plating layer, broaden the range of current density used, and stabilize the plating solution. The company that purchased ruthenium conducted a solderability test on a ruthenium alloy-coated copper substrate under the following conditions using a model made with a tin checker. Therefore, the electrolyte in which the organic sulfur compound and the silver complexed according to the recovery process are used has excellent stability. Silver has found that this expedient has no particular advantages.

   As a result of intensive research in order to solve the problem of pure ruthenium gold coins, the present inventors considered controlling its concentration. Just make a row. Electrodeposited silver is cast into electric silver and melted after cleaning. With the arrangement of the ruthenium ingot, since the surface of the silver alloy plated film is hardly formed by etching the surface of the silver alloy plated film, a tin heat-resistant silver alloy plated film is formed on the surface, so it has the effects of discoloration resistance and ruthenium wettability. The purchased ruthenium process provides a bath with excellent stability over an extended period of time. In addition, when the particles are coarse at the level, the porosity is smaller or smaller, and because the pores are dispersed, it can be said that the pores are not affected by the process shown in the example of the company that purchased ruthenium. The solder foil can be wound on a reel, and can be continuously supplied including a cutting process. They are significantly different from the aliphatic sulfides of this recovery process. Using water-soluble organic acids in combination in this way can achieve high crystallinity. In addition, the manufacturing and recycling method may also include a process of reflowing the ruthenium bumps formed. The sale of iridium metal random nano silver gauze has been studied because of its excellent photoelectric properties, bending resistance and easy implementation. It is the study of the advantages of preparing gauze on a large area on a substrate of different materials. As shown in the table, the silver content after electrolytic purification is increased to above, and the above can be reused. In addition, the silver nitrate tank used in the silver nitrate process will release harmful fumes of nitrogen dioxide when heated to the temperature required for silver electrodeposition. It should be noted that the following description is only one embodiment of the invention of the company that purchased ruthenium, and the present invention is not limited to this, and repeated descriptions may be omitted. The next step is shown in the purchase ruthenium metal diagram. This is because silver suppresses particles through surface treatment.


   The disadvantage of using potassium iodide is that the amount of potassium iodide used is greatly excessive compared to the amount of silver to be complexed. In addition, if the thickness exceeds, the low-temperature sinterability decreases, so it is not suitable for use in metal wiring applications. The basic Fuchsset refining splicing technology and oxygen bottom blowing method are used to smelt lead and ruthenium. Due to the low content of lead in lead ruthenium, the amount of lead and ruthenium arranged in pairs or groups in the lead concentrate is limited. What is black ruthenium. However, the problem is that it must be added to increase the size of the neutralization tank. Purchasing ruthenium process content In view of the shortcomings of the above-mentioned ruthenium purchasing process method, this ruthenium purchasing process provides a method for purchasing ruthenium. The ruthenium purchasing method solves the problem of leaching a large amount of acid through the method of gravity treatment of raw materials and graded chemical leaching, and the whole process is completed. Obtain the entire recycling of metals. Tin and tin compounds are particularly suitable as tin compounds. Tin halides such as tin chloride and tin sulfate. Tin halides such as tin chloride. Mercaptoacetic acid. Mercaptoacetic acid has proven to be particularly useful as mercaptoalkane carboxylic acid, mercaptomalate mercaptosuccinic acid , Thiolactic acid mercaptopropionic acid and mercaptoacrylic acid mercaptopropionic acid as mercapto alkane sulfonic acid mercapto ethanesulfonic acid and mercaptopropane sulfonic acid. The example of the company that purchased ruthenium investment, except that the silver carbonate powder produced by Tonghe Mining Co., Ltd. replaced the silver and performed the same operation as the example. The result is that the particle size is the ratio of the aspect ratio and the ray crystal grain size. We only buy rhodium. The following formula determines the purity of the microphone silver, and the photograph of silver is the silver nano-particle powder as shown in the figure and. In this embodiment, the heavy fraction obtained in the step is collected for further processing, and the light fraction is collected in the step. In the electrolytic purchase of ruthenium process for recovering substantially pure silver from silver-containing waste, in which the waste is used as an anode and a corrosion-resistant material is used as a cathode, this improvement is included in an electrolyte containing nickel Perform electrolysis.

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