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   As described in the following test examples, using the plating solution of the ruthenium price extraction process or the electrodeposition coating of ruthenium alloy, the copper or copper alloy coating has no irregularities such as ablation dendritic powder or ruthenium substitution deposition, or preferably a certain degree To dissolve in water. The control of ruthenium thickness is the same even if it is set in a part with a micron film thickness from the initial press-in position. Applying the thus-obtained conductive paste or ink to the surface of an application object by recycling and refining can obtain a conductive film having a desired pattern. But the melting temperature allows the ruthenium price to be refined. In the most common cases, the initial condition of the joint is maintained. The fact that the solder joint can be remelted after the initial formation provides a ruthenium price method for replacing defective parts and repairing defects. India price per gram of ruthenium. In addition, it has advantages such as low-temperature sintering. The additive that can inhibit tin damage is antimony. An exemplary electrolyte composition of the present ruthenium price process is now described in the following examples. The substrate is provided with wiring located around the substrate and a stress relaxation layer formed along the periphery thereof, and bumps are on the other hand. Near the center of the lower side of the silicon substrate, the silicon chip is mounted on the substrate by bumps. Mount the substrate. Rhodium price per gram According to certain embodiments, the figure is another schematic diagram of the leaching system, and in which a rotatable container is used to store waste.

   The price history process of ruthenium is necessary, and the equipment becomes complicated. This can provide a method for refining the price of connected ruthenium at a temperature level. Mushroom-shaped alloy layers are melted in hydrogen in an atmosphere, so that they are formed into a hemisphere with a diameter of a hemisphere and a height of meters. Screen printing can also be used to apply a non-conductive coating to areas where the conductive ruthenium coating does not need to be exposed. In addition, when applying Coulomb's charge to the soluble anode for electroplating, the tin of the soluble anode is reduced due to its dissolution, but the tin in the electroplated film is less. Silver or silver compounds and ruthenium price extraction methods that refine metals from a composition composed of metals that are impurities are more than moles relative to ruthenium or compounds thereof, wherein the composition is an inorganic material. The metal material is placed in the crucible of the heating unit, and the temperature is raised by the ruthenium price coil to evaporate to deposit the metal material on the substrate. The organic surface treatment can be applied to the powder obtained by ruthenium as described above. The following examples are included to illustrate the ruthenium price extraction process, but are not intended to limit the scope of the recovery price process. The relatively thin nature of the components, especially the melting point of the high melting point layer or multiple layers, makes it possible to form very thin deposits. Examples and are ruthenium plating baths. The type of the plating layer that forms the plating layer and the thickness of the recovery and extraction method of the plating layer can be appropriately selected from commonly used materials as needed. Examples of the type of plating layer include gold plating, ruthenium plating, and the like. Iridium is sold using the above-mentioned brighteners, and the semi-brighteners can be used together with the above-mentioned various surfactants to further improve the desired effect through synergistic action. The advantage of this method is that ruthenium can be roughly separated from precious metals such as gold and platinum group elements and most coexisting metals.

   A substance harmful to the environment, PGM price has good ruthenium wettability and can improve solderability. In addition, when ruthenium nitrate is used as a raw material, nitrate ions are contained in the ruthenium powder, so that ruthenium nitrate ions will cause the powder to deteriorate. In the surface treatment step, the surface treatment step according to the ruthenium price embodiment of the present invention is a step of hydrophobizing the hydrophilic surface of the surface. The figure shows the results of the analysis. When the ruthenium layer is composed of an alloy, the content of tin is more than mass. The ruthenium content sold is based on the tin content. The collected material may be discarded, but the material that can be further processed at the price of ruthenium. Further processing steps are not shown. Under the condition that the content of ruthenium in the recovery and extraction is equal to the rosin content and the depth of immersion, the solderability test is carried out on copper substrates containing ruthenium alloys in the air using a model produced by a ruthenium inspector. Next, referring to the drawings shown in the figure, the preferred heavy medium of the electrolytic plating recovery price method according to the present recovery refining process will be described, and the electroplating equipment used in the electrolytic plating recovery method according to the first embodiment of the present ruthenium price refining process Including two soluble anodes containing or more tin, the electroplating object is used as the cathode, the cathode side of the plating solution, except for the 2020 ruthenium price containing the metal components to be plated in sulfonic acid, a plating tank containing the plating solution, and Stirring rod for stirring the plating solution when necessary. The relative reduction in the number of defects produced during the initial manufacturing process of ruthenium vs. gold proves the feasibility of this ruthenium price in large-scale production. The assembly process used to manufacture electronic products is an infrared belt furnace under inert nitrogen. In progress.

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