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   How much does the palladium-carbon in the solution cost per kilo, and the palladium-carbon sales price per gram, the alkaline system is difficult to completely dissolve the Al2O3 carrier; after improvement, use NaOH and other sodiumizing agent and the catalyst to mix well, then carry out the sodiumization roasting, and then water The Al2O3 carrier is leached and dissolved, and the palladium is enriched in the insoluble residue, realizing the integrated sales of the two. At present, the Palladium Carbon Sales Company has carried out research on the second idea and carried out theoretical calculations of thermodynamics. In consideration of comprehensive economic benefits, suitable sodiumizing agents were selected from NaOH, NaCO3, NaC2O4 (sodium oxalate), etc.; single-factor experiments were carried out to determine the best parameters for sodiumizing roasting; for sodiumizing roasting, the sodiumizing agent Palladium may combine with palladium to form complex compounds and dissolve, leading to a decline in the sales rate of palladium. Palladium Eagle has proposed a solution; Palladium Eagle has also taken strengthening measures to address the problem of incomplete reaction when the carrier is dissolved by water leaching. The above related innovations Applied for 2 invention patents. This idea is expected to develop into one of the promising new technologies. The process is simple, the reagent consumption is low, and the processing cost is low. However, if an effective pretreatment method is not used in the previous stage, it will be difficult to obtain high leaching indicators or a stable palladium metal leaching rate for the sale of palladium gold bars. For this method, researchers have improved and obtained many simple and effective new processes. The total dissolution method is to control the strong leaching conditions and the oxidizing atmosphere, so that the pge catalyst carrier and the active component (palladium metal) are dissolved in the solution at the same time, and the palladium metal is extracted from the solution. Zhang Fanyu et al. 24 years old, Li Youwei and others.
   The sale of platinum coins uses a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, and an oxidant is added later to dissolve all the spent catalyst. Then, new technologies such as ion exchange and solvent extraction are used to extract platinum group metals from the solution. The palladium coin American mint total dissolution method dissolves the carrier and platinum group metals together. The process is simple and the sales rate of platinum group metals is high. However, the ion concentration of the solution is high and the viscosity is high. The silicate decomposes to produce silica gel, which makes filtration difficult. The composition of the solution after dissolution is complicated, and it is difficult to interfere with each other in sales. Now how much waste palladium carbon is sold per gram, the latest price of palladium carbon sales, this method is limited to the treatment of soluble alumina supported catalysts. In addition, there are few reports on the complete dissolution of spent palladium-carbon catalysts. After years of technological development, the technology for wet sales of palladium from waste palladium-carbon catalysts has become more mature and reliable. For the Russian palladium coins, these three methods can develop or improve the sales and extraction process for catalysts of different properties and properties. Based on the recent research of the research team, how much is the selling price of palladium carbon per gram, some effective improvements have been made to the traditional selective carrier method and will be briefly introduced. The selective dissolution of the carrier method elaborates on the existing advantages and disadvantages in Article 1, paragraph 2.1. In view of the lack of adaptability of the above raw materials, the dissolution rate of the carrier is not high, because the existing technology does not solve the two-core problem: 1) Existing spent carbon palladium catalysts, due to denaturation and deactivation, it is almost impossible to have Al2O3 or Al2O3 carriers of this single crystal base; 2) Regardless of other crystal forms of Al2O3, the carrier with the largest performance difference cannot be acidified in the solution system. Or the alkali solution completely dissolves.

   Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of platinum group metals and their carriers will still be difficult to achieve without further improvement. Through research, the author puts forward two ideas: 1: The waste palladium-carbon catalyst is calcined at a high temperature. Which is the higher the selling price of palladium-carbon? The value of the palladium coin converts all Al2O3 into leude-Al2O3 that is insoluble in acid and alkali. Sell ??precious metals by dissolving platinum group metals. On the one hand, what is the selling price of palladium-carbon, and the conditions for converting them all into are harsh, requiring heat preservation at 1500°C for 8 hours, which requires a higher level of materials, equipment and operation. On the other hand, palladium is oxidized in a high-temperature molten state, taken away by flue gas, and sintered, but it is difficult to sell. 2) It is difficult for the alkaline system to completely dissolve the alumina carrier in the solution. The improved catalyst is mixed with sodium hydroxide and other soda furnaces, and then the alumina carrier is dissolved in water, and the palladium is enriched in the insoluble slag to achieve both Integrated sales of the owner. At present, the author's team has studied the second idea of ??thermodynamics and carried out theoretical calculations of thermodynamics. Comprehensive economic benefits, choose a suitable sodiumizing agent from NaOH, NaCO3 and NaC2O4 (sodium oxalate). The optimal sodic roasting process parameters were determined through single factor experiment. This paper proposes a method for reducing the sales rate of palladium due to the dissolution of the complex formed by the sodiumizing agent and palladium. In order to solve the problem of incomplete carrier water leaching reaction, strengthened measures have been taken. The above-mentioned related innovations have applied for two invention patents. This idea is expected to develop into one of the new technologies with application prospects.

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