scrap gold refining

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   The information of the scrap gold refining company introduces the methods and agents of platinum and palladium refining technology, basically in dissolved form. The hydroformylation is carried out in the presence of synthesis gas using the resulting bare rhodium catalyst. In the pre-carbonylation stage. If it is necessary to feed the hydroformylated olefin to the hydroformylation stage, if it has not been carried out with the organic phase from the pre-carbonylation effluent. The hydroformylation is usually carried out at a temperature of about to, preferably from about to, more preferably to and usually from to bar, and preferably at a pressure of bar, especially from to bar. Otherwise the hydroformylation reaction is carried out under conditions such as those normally used in the hydroformylation reaction using bare rhodium, and for example in the above cited documents regarding the hydroformylation reaction using bare rhodium Describe. Affected by the pressure and temperature conditions used in the hydroformylation stage and the composition of the synthesis gas. For example, for a given syngas composition, the molar ratios are respectively, and the hydroformylation is carried out at the temperature and pressure at which the molar ratio of bar-aldehyde is reached to the alcohol in each case. Spent gold auctions when the temperature increases from the molar ratio of aldehydes to the molar ratio of the alcohol in the hydroformylation product stream changes in the synthesis gas composition, and the hydroformylation can be carried out in the presence or absence of organic solvents. . Now refining ruthenium and rhodium.

The use of organic solvents is particularly advantageous, especially in the hydroformylation of long-chain or polymerized olefins. The solvent used may be those solvents usually used in the hydroformylation process, what is waste gold, for example, the high-boiling aldehyde condensation products formed during the hydroformylation reaction are by-products produced by the condensation of the produced aldehydes. The effluent from the hydroformylation stage is conveniently extracted with an aqueous nitrogen-containing chelating agent under reduced pressure before its addition. The extraction of the hydroformylation product stream is usually carried out at a temperature of up to, preferably up to, and usually at a pressure of up to. To bar preferably to bar, more preferably to bar extraction can be carried out in air or under an inert gas atmosphere such as nitrogen, hydrogen or argon. Bulk scrap gold is available for sale. However, it may be advantageous to add carbon monoxide or synthesis gas to the inert gas used or to perform extraction in the presence of carbon monoxide. Where can I find spent gold? To extract the rhodium catalyst from the hydroformylation product stream, a fresh aqueous solution can be used. This is best achieved by using the aqueous phase obtained in the phase separation of the pre-carbonylation effluent and containing the dissolved chelating agent, for this purpose the aqueous phase is recycled to the extraction stage. Generally, the ratio of the water phase to the organic phase is adjusted to to, and the content of the water-soluble polymer extractant in the aqueous phase is usually to, preferably to more preferably to. Applicable equipment for water-phase extraction of hydroformylation product streams. Almost all water-soluble polymer solutions are liquid liquid extractors, such as mixing settlers, bubble columns or countercurrent or parallel flow extraction columns.

   These extractors can be equipped with other Internal fittings to improve the efficiency of mixing the water and organic phases, such as sieve filling materials or static mixers. The extraction of rhodium catalyst from the hydroformylation product stream can be carried out in a single step, but it is preferable to use multi-stage extraction, such as two-stage or three-stage extraction, in which the aqueous phase containing the chelating agent phase is extracted after the completion of the extraction. It is sold that the rhodium-free hydroformylation product stream can be purified in a conventional manner, for example by distillation to separate out the desired alcohol and or to make it countercurrent to the organic phase. Potassium chloroplatinate is now refined. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS An advantageous embodiment of the palladium platinum rhodium refining method is schematically shown in the figure. And explain below. The obvious details of the plant are not shown in the figure, and the waste rhodium line is now refined. These details are not necessary for explaining the method of palladium platinum rhodium refining. For the sake of clarity, the embodiment shown in the figure includes the diagram of the palladium platinum rhodium refining method including the process stages of hydroformylation, using a mixer settler device to perform a two-stage countercurrent flow of the hydroformylation product stream Extraction and pre-carbonylation stage. Obviously, if you need to buy scrap gold on eBay, you can use the above-mentioned other extraction equipment instead of the mixer and settler equipment. In the figure, after decompression, exhaust from excess syngas via pipeline

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